Processes 2017 Css 140 Academy Of Careers And T

Processes 2017 Css 140 Academy Of Careers And T

Processes 2017 Css 140 Academy Of Careers And T

First of all, you can open capstone 1 and 2 ,3,4 file. Then you read capstone 1 ,2 ,3,4 projects.

last, you can do capstone 5, you just only write same company. You can just only write one pager.

1 Choice of Company and Position

My company of choice is Home Depot. This is because home depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States; closely followed by Lowes, the company has retail outlets in the United States, Canada and Mexico (Hernandez, 2013). Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company is the supplier of building materials to most contractors in North America.

Choice of Position and Title in the Organization

My position in the company will be vice president, human resources and customer relations. Since I will be reporting to the CEO, my duties will include making the right decisions on customer service and employee welfare. It is quite evident that home depot can be the largest home improvement retailer in the world in a situation where the human resource function and customer service functions are prioritized Campbell, Edgar & Stonehouse (2011). On my moral obligation as the person in charge of customer relations and human resources in the company, I will embark on a strategy that will improve both customer-employee relations while promoting sales. For instance, home depot has been experiencing a very high rate of customer turnover to the competitor. Lowes. Again, the company has been losing the customer base to strong online competitors like lowes, Walmart and Amazon. To counteract this problem and propel home depot to greater heights, I will do the following:

  • Ensure all employees in the company are trained on the delivery of quality customer service
  • Reward our skilled and experienced sales specialists with better employee benefits and promotions to available management positions
  • Increase the rate of tuition reimbursement for the employees pursuing degree programs from 50 percent to a hundred percent, as long as they pass their academic programs
  • Develop the online shopping portal and ensure that even customers ordering items from out of the United States can have their merchandise delivered promptly
  • Increase the level of safety in the stores by retraining the lot attendants and ensuring the stores are kept clean, free of debris and spills
  • Motivate employees by recognizing employees who go the extra mile in customer service by awarding them an employee of the month awards.

2 External customers and their specific needs

Home Depot deals in supplies of building materials to the different customers in the United States of America. The main clients that the company deals with include construction companies, individual people, Supermarkets, and home developing companies. These companies have required raw materials that they use in the construction projects they have. Some require the goods and services we offer so that they can carry out repair exercises in some of their ongoing projects.

Customer fundamental skill and improving employee skills

The six customer fundamental skills include; good communication with the customers, patience in dealing with different types of customers, proper knowledge of the products that one is selling, excellent time management, ability to multitask, and the ability or desire to learn. These skills may be improved in a number of ways, such as rewarding the best performing employees, training the employees on some of these skills, and coming up with ways to motivate the employees. When these skills are improved, customers will be able to get enough information and quality services. Therefore, the firm’s performance would improve as a result (“Foundations of Six Sigma: Customer and processes,” 2017).

SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis tool can help improve the services and general performance of the firm (Phadermrod et al., 2019). As a manager, one needs to identify and know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that his or her firm is likely to face and act accordingly. The strengths of the existing structure, such as having a base of loyal customers, will need to build upon. Opportunities such as expanding on the online platform will also be crucial to help keep up with competition and eliminate the threats that competitors pose to the business.

3 The policy statement of Home Depot is to maintain profitability in its home improvement business. The company’s vision is to “create a company that would keep alive the values that were important to us. Values like respect among all people, excellent customer service, and giving back to communities and society” (Ferguson, 2017). The company’s aspiration highlights the highest level of services offered in the market at a competitive price. Therefore, the company’s employees need to align with the company’s aspiration base on customer retention and sustaining customer loyalty; these include:

  1. At Home Depot, we will set up customer expectations such as fast response and inquiries, a simple purchasing process, and interaction.
  2. We at Home Depot will build trust through good relationships
  3. At Home Depot, we will use modern technology such as automation to re-engage customers (data quality and integration).
  4. At Home Depot, we will improve KPIs around the customer service in the organization (conversion rate, response rate, action per engagement).

The company will initiate some strategic improvements on retaining customers in the market to enhance the attainment of the company’s aspirations. Here some of the service strategy that Home Depot will deploy:

  1. Using the best communication channels convenient for customers such as emails, social media, webchat, and phone calls (Ripton, 2021).
  2. Develop a reward program in the organization that would motivate the employees to give their best in service delivery.
  3. Enhancing to seek out customer feedback to improve retaining customer loyalty through different channels and surveys.
  1. Being flexible with different payment plans and methods to attack and retain customers (Ripton, 2021).
  2. Training to enhance customer services skill sets that would enhance retention and customer loyalty in the organization (Ripton, 2021).

The company would implement these service strategies of customer loyalty and retention through the following:

  1. Engage all the stakeholders (vendors, leaders, managers, employees, customers) based on the policy statement to enhance the organizational culture.
  2. Provide training to the employees concerning marketing, communication skills, and PR to improve customers’ loyalty and retention index.
  3. Conduct organization surveys and research on the customer’s behaviour and satisfaction with its products and services (Ripton, 2021).
  4. Allocate enough resources to enhance training and purchase essential products to enhance customers’ loyalty and retention services.

The most critical problem recorded for this company is the slow and inadequate recorded responses to customer inquiries. The customer service representative in this company is critical for its operations. With an increased turnover shown by the customer service representatives, this company faces unpredicted challenges that may negatively influence its performance. The Home Depot Company further has a low customer retention rate which affects its future sales. The other challenge experienced in this company is increased billing errors. The management’s failure to create tools that may ensure accuracy in the operations has for a long time affected how this company operates, thus challenging the production and distribution of various products (Leng et al., 2020).

Slow response time to the customer inquiries and the low client retention rates in those firm are the main problems faced in the company with a notable effect on how this company attains most of the objectives. The company’s realization of most of the goals depends on its relationship with the customers. Due to the slow responses in addressing the customers’ needs and specifications, many customers opted to purchase from other organizations that offer related products. The economic effect associated with this is that the sales volume reduces, thus influencing the financial and other operations. The low client retention rate influences sales and production departments. Among the factors that contribute towards the low retention rate, the failure to make the necessary improvement has led to this challenge.

To put this company at the forefront in solving the mentioned issues and realizing the stated goals, the management needs to create quality measures to allow the customers to develop a positive image. One of the approaches that the company needs to embrace is through the provision of the proper training to the employees. The employees are involved with the production of these products and interacting with the customers. With the employees’ proper training, they can prioritize the organizational needs and customer specifications with a significant effect and address them. Further, ensuring that the employees have the right resources could make it possible for effective problem management.

The customers may use various measures to communicate to the management and pass information concerning their challenges (Prohl & Kleinaltenkamp, (2020). Through the company’s involved stakeholders, the company will need to create a communication form that may give the customers chances to interact with the company and raise a concern about the problems experienced with the products they purchase and what they may want the company to do about the issues. Most of the customers who leave the company to purchase products offered by other organizations could be doing it due to the needed products’ inaccessibility. Therefore, the approach that would help this company solve the issue mentioned above and promote its operational and financial performance would be to increase the outlet number. This plan will increase the availability of the products in the market.