PSY1179 Case Analysis Project

PSY1179 Case Analysis Project

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Case Analysis Project


The purpose of this assignment is for you to analyze a current adolescent issue. This process will help you to develop complex thinking and problem solving skills by engaging in a multidimensional assignment. Through this process, you will have an opportunity to apply life span concepts to current trends, which will increase your understanding of human development.


Adolescence is a time- period where individuals experience an interaction between the biological, psychological and societal systems resulting in exploration of their identity. Your assignment is to choose a current adolescent issue and correlate this issue with information from the course. You need to use your textbook and other academic resources to support your topic. Remember this assignment is not personal perspective or opinion but factual. This means that your topic needs to be supported with academic references/research. This analysis must be submitted to the instructor before the student participates in the class presentation. If a student does not hand in a paper, they will not present in the group presentation. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED SO PLAN AHEAD.

PART 1: The Case Analysis Paper:

• Choose your topic

• Once your topic is chosen/assigned, you can begin your research

• You need to develop an extensive Written Analysis 5 typed pages in length not including the reference or title page.

• Format:

o Your paper needs to begin with an introduction. In your introduction, you should focus on why this topic is important and develop a clear/strong thesis.

o The second section needs to focus on the current issue, and indicate what society/research knows about this topic

o The third section is to link in specific theories, theorists, and concepts that we have learned in class.

What I am looking for here is evidence that you understand what you have learned in this class and are able to apply it. You do not need to cover every aspect of development covered in class but need to link in at least two specific theories, theorists or concepts that relate to your topic.

The specific themes you cover will depend on which topic you choose. Some concepts related to development that you can incorporate are:
1. Moral reasoning (e.g. black and white thinking, Kohlberg’s stages)
2. Sex differences (e.g. sex-role stereotypes, gender identity)
3. Language skills (e.g. ability to read and write)
4. Logical reasoning (e.g. problem solving skills, math skills)
5. Gross motor skills, (e.g. athletic ability)
6. Fine motor skills (e.g. artistic ability)
7. Peer relations (e.g. popularity, aggression, cliques, crowds)
8. Family relations (e.g. sibling relations, parenting style, attachment, abuse)
9. Psychosocial development (e.g. identity development)
10. Self-esteem
11. Substance abuse
12. Risk taking
13. Biological development (e.g. Brain development, hormones)

o The fourth section is to develop an activity/exercise to assist adolescents/parents/teachers in addressing this issue.

o The final paragraph will be your conclusion summarizing your topic.

• Students must use an APA (6th Ed.) for their Title and ReferenceTitle and Reference pages.