Times New Roman Phil 2306 The University Of Texa

Times New Roman Phil 2306 The University Of Texa

Times New Roman Phil 2306 The University Of Texa

Term Paper:

The purpose of this argumentative essay is to allow students to demonstrate how much they have learned in the course. Students will take sides on an ethical issue from the Cohen & Wellman book. Throughout the paper, students are required to apply ideas from the course material – especially Cohen & Wellman – in support of their point of view. To earn an A, the paper should primarily engage course material, but using outside sources is permissible and can help boost the grade. The paper must use proper citations and include a reference list that conforms to the Chicago Manual of Style. See here. Use either footnotes or the author-date system and include a reference list on the last page.


• 1500-2000 words (not including citations and bibliography)

• Double-spaced

• No cover page

• Name and title at the top center of first page

• Page numbers on the bottom right of each page

• Standard twelve-point font (e.g. Times New Roman)

• One inch margins

• .docx or .rtf file formats only

• The introduction should be no more than half a page.

• The conclusion should be no more than half a page and only review the main points. •

No inflammatory or disrespectful language

The paper should be a standard five paragraph argumentative essay (no more and no less than five paragraphs), which means an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The thesis statement requirement: the last sentence of the introduction should be the complete thesis statement that clearly states your point of view. The topic sentence requirement: the first sentence of each body paragraph should act as a topic sentence and state the philosophical idea being analyzed. The paper should be organized in the following way: First paragraph: background and introductory material, any terms that need to be defined, and thesis statement Second paragraph: first argument in support of the claim in the thesis statement Third paragraph: second argument in support of the claim in the thesis statement Fourth paragraph: an articulation of a contrary point of view immediately followed by the student’s careful and thorough rebuttal. Fifth paragraph: conclusion, review of main points


0-20 points The paper meets the thesis statement and topic sentence requirements in the instructions and is a five-paragraph essay organized in the way described above.

0-20 points The paper is an argumentative essay and contains a strong argument.

0-20 points Moral theory plays a prominent role in the paper, for example utilitarianism, Kant, virtue theory, etc.

0-20 points Multiple, relevant connections are made to course material from the entire semester.

0-20 points Grammar is polished, and citation style conforms to Chicago Manual of Style

Additional points will be deducted for late papers and papers that don’t satisfy the “basic requirements” above. Cases of plagiarism earn an automatic zero and a possible F in the course. Plagiarized papers may be sent to UT Tyler Judicial Affairs to receive additional consequences. As the rubric shows, you’re not graded for your political or moral stance but whether you demonstrate good critical thinking and argumentation, as well as whether you have followed the instructions.