Type Written Using 12 Hu Reflection On Evaluating

Type Written Using 12 Hu Reflection On Evaluating

Type Written Using 12 Hu Reflection On Evaluating

Directions: During the course of the semester, you are required to complete 4 separate Reflection Journals which will be due as indicated by your course outline.

Each journal entry should be used to reflect your thoughts, feelings, and ideas about the material you are reading in the text book and that we are or will be discussing in class. Specifically, each of your 4 Reflection Journals should refer to the Chapter topics previously indicated on the syllabus. Use your journal to identify specific topics/concepts and write on them about what you have experienced, think, believe or have learned in class regarding that subject matter. You may tell how the topic/ concept has/is impacting your life, that of your family members, children, significant others, etc. Or you may find that you cannot relate the concept to your real life experiences to date and can therefore write about why you think that is occurring and or what you are understanding about the topic/concept. As your work represents you, please be sure to use the Spell and Grammar checks on your computer as you may lose points for a pattern of misspellings, poor grammar and problematic sentence structures. To receive full points for each journal assigned, it is imperative that you carefully follow the directions included in this and any in class instructions about successfully completing the journal assignments


Reflection Journals should be type written using 12 point standardized font with 1 inch top and side margins. Each entry should comprise of 1 Double-spaced half page using white 8/5 x 11 paper. The first line on the journal should serve as a heading and comprise of your name, journal number and due date. Your subsequent discussion should be relevant to the chapters associated with the Journal as previously indicated in the syllabus (see Grading Events).

Citations are not required when using the course textbook or classroom experiences to reflect. However, if you cite an outside course source, an APA formatted citation and reference page must be attached.

In order to receive full credit for each Reflection Journal, the following Criteria must be met:

  • Overall, the Journal has clear & appropriate connection to classroom ideas and lessons (0-15 points)
  • Own feeling and thoughts are revealed in all or almost all of the entry (0-10 points)
  • Journal is easy to read and follows natural flow of ideas connected to class readings & discussions (0-6 points)
  • All or almost all of the entry uses correct spelling and grammar with adherence to proper subject-verb agreement (0-5 points)
  • The proper format has been followed for all of the entry ( 0-4 points )