Promotional Mix

Promotional Mix

Promotional Mix

Last updated on September 23rd, 2023 at 03:40 pm

Promotional Mix. 

Describe the marketing mix for your project, including product, promotion, distribution, and pricing.

Follow the sample below:

The Promotional Mix is the distribution of the advertising initiative and budget across multiple advertising channels.  It is represented as a percent of the budget by advertising channel.

An example of a Promotional Mix for a health care service that is new to market is as follows:


Advertising Channel Percent of Advertising Budget
Print Material 30%
Person to Person Selling 40%
Social Media 20%
Radio/TV 10%
Total 100%


In future years the promotional mix for the same product or service may shift and you may see the following investment allocation:


Advertising Channel Percent of Advertising Budget
Print Material 20%
Person to Person Selling 10%
Social Media 50%
Radio/TV 20%
Total 100%


Note that there is a shift with less person to person selling and more use of social media.  There will always be a need for flyers or printed rack cards so you’ll see that number change only slightly.

Often health care organizations send their highest priced employees out to health fairs and community events to talk about their programs and services.  A cardiac surgical nurse manager for example may be asked to attend a senior event.  This is unique to the health care industry and not a good use of resources.  While this may be effective from a peer to peer perspective we should see a drop in this activity over time.

Additionally, whenever possible we like to use our in house talents to promote our products or services.  The marketing department is typically responsible for the health care organization’s social media such as Facebook and website postings.  When we allocate the budgeted dollars we need to account for the allocation of hours of service by the marketing professionals.  Twenty hours per month x hourly salary,  as an example, would be allocated to your department.

Throughout the life cycle the promotional mix can and should change.